My Services

Individual Therapy (Adults): I work with adults of all ages in individual therapy to help clients learn to identify and articulate their own emotions, needs, and desires. My approach is process oriented, with increased self-awareness, insight, and embodiement as our aspirations. Treatment is flexible and tailored to each person’s needs. I am LGBTQ-aware and affirming and I also have extensive experience helping artists and people working in creative fields to gain a deeper understanding of their creative impulses and practices. I treat depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and the myriad effects of personal, family, and social traumas.

Adolescents: I work with a range of adolescents and young adults as they explore their burgeoning identities and navigate the often difficult task of "growing up." I often encourage families of these  adolescents to participate in treatment in some capacity, so that the overall family system can become a more supportive and communicative environment for every member. I especially enjoy working with LGBTQ-identified teens and their families, in order to address how to best cope with any arising difficulties or misunderstandings, and to help create a positive, safe, and affirming environment for every child.

Couples: I work with all types of couples, partnerships, and intimate relationships to help clients improve their overall communication and ability to understand and empathize with one another’s experiences.  I am comfortable and skilled working within monogamous, polyamorous, and "open" relational structures. Treatment will focus on relational dynamics and the narratives we tell about ourselves and our loved ones. We will explore how our relational habits and patterns can make us feel stuck and re-create painful feelings from our past experiences. Through our work together, clients will become better at recognizing and addressing these patterns in an effort to create a safe, supportive, and fulfilling relationship for every participant. 

**I also worked, for many years, as a Sex Educator and I am extremely comfortable and well-versed in regard to issues around Sex -- Sexual dynamics, practices, and fantasies that both fuel and frustrate us.

Online Sessions: I offer online sessions via Skype or FaceTime for people in NYC and beyond. I am able to work with clients living all over the United States, as well as internationally.

Groups: I offer various groups for:

  • Survivors of Suicide
  • LGBTQ non-gestational parents 
  • People interested in meditation and mindfulness practice

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